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Occasionally, we don't sell all the books we bring to Readings at the Roselawn , but we do get the authors to sign them.

The following autographed copies are available to you by sending a cheque for $30 (taxes included) and your mailing address to:

William Thomas, Readings at the Roselawn,
R.R.#2, Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V4.

Signed by the author
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by Rawi Hage
The Ravine
By Paul Quarrington
Practical Jean
by Trevor Cole
Sailor Girl
by Sheree-Lee Olson
A Place Within
by M.G. Vassanji
After the Falls
by Catherine Gildiner
Burmese Lessons: A Love Story
by Karen Connelly
by Michael Crummey

A World Elsewhere

by Wayne Johnston
King Leary
by Paul Quarrington
The Alchemy of Loss
by Abigail Carter
Terry Fox
By Leslie Scrivener
Bloodletting & Miraclulous Cures
By Vincent Lam
The Optimist
by Laurence Shorter
On the Farm
By Stevie Cameron
Nasty, Brutish and Short:
The Quirks & Quarks Guide
By Bob McDonald
  • The Memoir of Dr. W. Gifford-Jones
    You're Going to Do What?

  • Two Innocents in Red China
    By Pierre Elliott Trudeau and J. Hebert
    With Introduction and Autograph by Alexandre "Sacha" Trudeau
  • The Anthology of Canadian Humour, by Will Ferguson
  • Bang Crunch, by Neil Smith
  • Sylvanus Now, by Donna Morrissey
  • The Russlander, by Sandra Birdsell UNSIGNED
  • The Last Amigo, by Stevie Cameron/Harvey Cashore UNSIGNED
  • A Peter Gzowski Reading UNSIGNED
  • Hateship, Friendship, by Alice Munroe UNSIGNED
  • Ten Thousand Scorpions, by Larry Frolick UNSIGNED
  • The Beautiful Wife, by Leone Rooke UNSIGNED
  • Two Lives, by Vikram Seth UNSIGNED