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My Best Idea Ever!

Mayday! Mayday! Cat in the cockpit aboard Flight #603!

Best actors in a comedy? The Republicans easily take the win

How to tell a real senior at the cinema box office.

This computer whiz knows when he's being twittered

You know you're from Wainfleet if....

Me and my dog don't sleep together.....very well

As I said, I hate it when she's right!

If you're reading this, I'm walking and walking...
Bill's not-so-excellent Adventure - _English Trek Pt1

Walking 'Coast to Coast' across England, a really bad idea  - English Trek Pt 2

Reflections on a walk far away from here - English Trek Pt. 3

England - dogs in pubs, dogs on buses, dogs, dogs, dogs  English Trek Pt. 4

Where there's humour, there's always hope
Immortality! Bill, you're so ungrateful

Exactly how bad is the economy? Bad

Sure Signs You're Living Next Door To A Marijuana Grow Op